Electron JS : Create JavaScript and HTML Desktop application

Electron JS : Create JavaScript and HTML Desktop application

Electron JS : Create JavaScript and HTML Desktop application

Electron JS : Create JavaScript and HTML Desktop application,mlearn ElectronJS framework from scratch and Build cross-platform Windows/MAC desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Created by JHM ACADEMY


Description Electron JS : Create JavaScript and HTML Desktop application

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Hello folks,

  As we know electron js is one of the most easiest technology to create desktop applications anyone can self learn Electron JS

and start creating their own applications but to take your application next level there are some best practices that needs to apply.

  Applying best practices in application creates hedge difference because your expect lightwait,hight performing,feature rich applications and to fulfill all those users requirements we need to do everything properly thats why this course is really important

  This course is designed in such a way that it will help any absolute beginner in desktop application development so that if you enroll and complete the course by the end of the course you will have enough understanding of electron js to create your own cross-platform desktop application. the course also takes care of those who don't have any prior knowledge of electron Js so we can call this course a beginner-friendly course also.


Course Benefits

I have been working on electron for the past 3+ years so you will get to learn from an experienced person.

i will discuss all the mistakes I have made in the initial days and how I get over them.

we will also have to look into recent major changes in electron versions

we will create a project to implement our learnings

we will organize a Q&A session if we have enough audience.

being a course creator I would be more than happy to share my experiences and help you with your queries.

each project code Github link is provided.


basic node.js knowledge would be appreciated

basic knowledge of javascript, HTML, and CSS is required

DOM manipulation basic understanding would be appreciated

Who this course is for:

Dekstop application developers Professionals

ElectronJs application developers

Students who are searching for unique final year project ideas

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