Modern React For Beginners | Redux + Router

Modern React For Beginners | Redux + Router

Modern React For Beginners | Redux + Router

Modern React For Beginners | Redux + Router
, Learn the most in demand Javascript framework by building an ecommerce project. Includes Redux and React-Router

Created by Riaz Qureshi


Description Modern React For Beginners | Redux + Router

In this course you will receive deep understanding of how React JS works and how to use it to build complex applications. You will also build a real world application that will use everything you learn in this course as a capstone project so you can put your new skills to the test. You will also deploy your project to production so that you can share this with potential employers or business clients to show them your skill level. Your javascript skills will transition from a junior developer all the way to a senior developer after being able to learn these concepts and features which are used in almost every fully featured application. I will also explain in detail how React Router and Redux work. These two libraries are foundational for becoming a React developer, in this course you will get a lot of practice and instruction on how these work. The course is organized into intentional sections and individual videos that each focus on 1 area of the project. Throughout the course we are building out our master application while learning new React concepts along the way. At the end of the course, students have a beautiful new master project to add to their portfolios as well as an in depth intuition of React concepts.

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