Learn Ruby on Rails 7

Learn Ruby on Rails 7

Learn Ruby on Rails 7

Learn Ruby on Rails 7, Build five different web applications in the latest and most powerful version of Rails yet!

Created by Timnan Sheni


Description Learn Ruby on Rails 7

Ruby on Rails 7 is the latest and greatest version of Rails yet! In this course, we will learn the basics of Ruby on Rails and gradually move towards more complex topics. We will build 5 applications through this course, and by the end of the course, you will understand the fundamentals of Rails and how to use the latest features (i.e. Hotwire) in Rails.

First, we will create a Blog web application. Users would be able to create an article, and they would also be able to make comments.

Next, we will create an appointment booking application. Here, users would be able to create rooms and create booking appointments for each room. We will also learn how to authenticate users using Devise.

For the following application, we would create a note-taking application. We would use default Ruby on Rails features to create a powerful note-taking application.

We will then refactor our notebook application. Using Turbo Streams and Turbo Frames, we will make a more dynamic and powerful note-taking application without the inclusion of any additional javascript.

Finally, we would create a real-time chat application. Here, users would be able to visit different chatrooms and have other conversations in each chatroom.

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