Build Laravel Applications fast using blueprint

Build Laravel Applications fast using blueprint

Build Laravel Applications fast using blueprint

Build Laravel Applications fast using blueprint [FREE]

Make your self more productive and make Laravel components creation very straightforward and clever
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What you'll learn
Initialization of a Laravel app using blueprint
Building blueprint yml file
Autocreation of migrations , models
Autocreation of Controllers , and actions
Autocreation of Mailable , Jobs , Events ..
Change you whole way of thinking of Laravel application building
Configure your blueprint to work better for you
Increase development speed
Promote Laravel conventions
Move from your ERD to your fully-functioning Data Access Layer
Get rid of repetitive tasks and routine debugging process
Get rid of name-changes headaches by writing the name only once , and leaving the conversion on blueprint
Focus on the engineering of your new product rather than the implementation itself
More and more contents about this topic is to be added , including the extending of several parts of blueprint , to be more great
Even if you have an existing project, blueprint can be adopted and used very efficiently because blueprint engine won't affect any of the existing components , it will only affect components that is created by itself , because blueprint keeps track over every change that it made .
I 've set a simple kit for you so that you can apply your changes and test very fast , so that you can apply your tests in a fast way , and gain more experience on this library , so that your skills in building new apps  with blueprint become dependable .

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