Typescript Masterclass & FREE E-Book

Typescript Masterclass & FREE E-Book

Typescript Masterclass & FREE E-Book
Typescript Masterclass & FREE E-Book, Learn Typescript: Build a Node REST API in Typescript, query it with Angular
Created by Angular University


What you'll learn
  • Code in Github repository with downloadable ZIP files per section
  • Use Typescript with confidence in a full stack development context
  • Learn how to build Node Js processes with Typescript
  • Learn how to build a small Angular application using the Angular CLI
  • Have an Angular Client that queries an HTTP REST API using the Angular HTTP Module
  • Have deep understanding of the Typescript 2 Type System, and know how to leverage it in practice
  • know how to import third party type definitions and use them to build better programs
  • Understand the benefits of Type Safety and leverage them to build better programs
  • Know How to Build a small REST API with Express and Typescript
  • Know how to query a SQL database using Sequelize and Typescript
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