Learning CSS3 - A Comprehensive Tutorial For Web Developers

Learning CSS3 - A Comprehensive Tutorial For Web Developers

Django in AWS (EC2): Fundamentals Course
Django in AWS (EC2): Fundamentals Course, A beginner course for Django web developers. Learn to launch, optimize & scale your app in Amazon Web Services.
Created by BlueApple Courses
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What you'll learn
  • Go from a simple EC2 server on the Free Tier to a load balanced, server cluster that scales automatically depending on the current traffic levels
  • Understand the different instance types, how much they cost, and how to stay within the Free Tier
  • Launch an Amazon EC2 server preconfigured with Django
  • Launch a regular Ubuntu 14.04 server and configure it for Django
  • Update your Security Group settings with the appropriate amount of access
  • Connect to your instance via both the command line (SSH) and your browser (Java-SSH)
  • Setup your your project files on EC2 using FTP
  • Serve your project files on EC2 (Django will not do this for you in production)
  • Leverage S3 Cloud Storage & CloudFront CDN to speed up your site
  • Utilize Amazon's Premium DNS service Route 53 to register and manage your Domain Name
  • Ways to enhance security on AWS - including Multi-factor authentication, IAM Users, Groups, Policies, and more
  • Create backup machine images of your project in case of failover and to scale out easily
  • How to upgrade your servers hardware for an instant performance boost
  • Separate your web server from your database server with automatic backups and replication using Amazon RDS
  • Load balance your traffic between several additional EC2 instances
  • Automatically scale up and down your server cluster depending on the current traffic levels

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