PSD to WordPress: Create Responsive Website Using Bootstrap4

PSD to WordPress: Create Responsive Website Using Bootstrap4

PSD to WordPress: Create Responsive Website Using Bootstrap4
PSD to WordPress: Create Responsive Website Using Bootstrap4, Learn how to convert any design or PSD into a fully functional responsive WordPress website using bootstrap and flexbox.
Created by Ibrahim Jamil


What you'll learn
  • Develop great WordPress websites.
  • Convert any design or PSD to a fully functional responsive website.
  • Create your own WordPress themes(A-Z masterclass)

Learn to confidently master PSD to WordPress and develop profitable and custom Responsive WordPress websites without any prior experience.

Planning on making a responsive PSD to WordPress website but overwhelmed about where to start? Want to be able to seamlessly build exciting and creative websites with confidence? Want to learn how to use Flexbox and Bootstrap to make responsive websites?

Well, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to! The great news is, you’ve come across a complete and in-depth course that will teach you how to convert PSD to a responsive WordPress website using bootstrap and Flexbox. Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior experience, that’s the purpose of this unique, one-of-a-kind course!

Whether you wish to:

Bring your ideas to life with your very first profitable website

Make a little cash on the side so that you can go on the vacation you’ve been wanting for a while

Improve your core website designing skills and become an expert

Become an in-demand website developer and work for big names in the industry

Become a freelancer and work from the comforts of your home on your own schedule and price

Create a generous, full-time income making custom WordPress themes and selling them on different websites

…this comprehensive course is what you need to learn everything about bootstrap and Flexbox. Whether you are a code hobbyist, an employee tired of your current job, an entrepreneur, a freelance designer, or just someone who wants to change their career, the course will provide you the skills needed!

Here’s just a short idea of what you will learn with the course

The entire course revolves around you working towards building a beautiful and completely custom website using the Flexbox and bootstrap framework. But that’s not even the best thing! Once you are done with the course, you’ll realize that the bootstrap and Flexbox websites you’ve made are nothing like the websites on the internet. You’ll notice that the design is highly customized which makes your work stand out!

Some features you’ll learn include:

(It’s okay if all of this looks like foreign language, learning is what the course is for!)

A modern and professional-quality layout and design

How to handcraft a fantastic website using beautiful, valid, and semantic CSS3 and HTML5

How to allow your clients to convert static websites to dynamic websites with easy to use CMS

You will be able to increase your efficiency. Plus, you’ll be able to supercharge your web development skills. Resultantly, you can take on more projects with higher prices, and get a steady income stream as a freelancer.

So, no need to worry if you couldn’t understand a word of all that’s mentioned above. In this course, we will go into explaining every core concept, technical terms, and the techniques you need to make a PSD to WordPress responsive website.

Towards the end of the course, you will be an expert at website programming, even if you are absolutely clueless now. Only after a few classes, you will start understanding what you’re doing and the purpose of doing it.

Of course, this isn’t any simple to follow recipe book; you will need your creativity to make intuitive and unique websites. Plus, you will need ultimate dedication to become the master.

Don’t get me wrong, the course is not suitable for everyone.

Note that this isn’t any get quick rich push-button where you can copy the website code made by others, then make low-quality websites and then hope to become an in-demand website developer that will get contracts thrown at you from all directions. Similarly, you won’t be able to make creative and intuitive websites on your own if you think this is a recipe book that will teach you everything in just one go.

The course needs both time and work. When it comes to learning PSD to WordPress, there is a lot you must learn. However, don’t lose hope. With the right information, tutoring, and guidance, it doesn’t really need to be as time-intensive or difficult as you might think.

The course is NOT for:

People who just want to flood the market with poorly designed websites only to make quick cash

Those who only want to know the bare minimum, become only a novice, and then hope to be successful as a website developer

People that are happy with only averagely designed websites

People who only wish to put in some effort and have no motivation to find great success with website development.

The course IS for:

People willing to product high-quality and creative websites

Beginners at PSD to WordPress who want to become experts

People who want to get access to insider tips and expert knowledge that the world’s best developers and the top firms use

Those who wish to make money by developing completely functional and intuitive websites whether freelance, self-employed, or corporate.

People with a firm belief in hard work and are not afraid to come across failure before they finally succeed

If all that defines you, then surely, you will find yourself becoming a successful website developer with less investment, time, and effort than other resources out there.

Plus, you will always find the course being updated with fresh content.

It’s no secret; technology is constantly advancing and there is always a new development which is why it is all the more essential to stay on top of recent developments.

Thus, you will find new and updated content without any extra charge. Whether there is a new technique or a new tip when it comes to PSD to WordPress responsive website development.

So apart from a comprehensive course, you will also get the support you need. Plus, you will get all your questions answered so that you don’t find yourself stuck on one lesson for weeks. So, with my help, you can smoothly progress through the course without major roadblocks.

Who is the course suitable for?

Still confused if you should take this course? It is for you if you are one of the following:

Web designers and graphic designers

While graphic designers are extremely talented, they often find it difficult to code their designs. Thus, they have no option but to hire a web developer. Plus, all graphic designers are aware that a good web developer can be pretty costly.

So, as a designer, learning to code your WordPress websites ultimately result in more profits! Plus, with a new skill added, you become a skillful developer along with an excellent designer.


While entrepreneurs have great ideas and big dreams, they often don’t have too big of a budget. Thus, to survive the cut-throat competition of any startup, they need a top, world-class website which often comes with a hefty price tag.

So, by learning how to build an incredible startup website yourself, you can save a tremendous amount of cash!

A company’s employees

For all companies, the training and education is an essential key for a thriving team. Depending on your company, understanding coding and developing CMS driven websites can put you ahead of other employees and increase your chance at a promotion.

Code hobbyists

Learning challenging new skills is always fun so code hobbyists can add dynamically designed websites. Plus, if you are a code hobbyist, you can sell the WordPress plugins and themes in return for cash!

People who want a new career

If you are tired of your current job, want a more rewarding job, or are simply out of work, then you can consider becoming a web developer. Web developers earn a good amount plus they get work with amazing firms. Alternatively, you can also start up our own company, work from home, and just enjoy the cash flowing in.

So, are you ready to start developing? Get yourself enrolled now by clicking on the Buy Now button and get started on making creative and innovative websites.

Catch you on the inside, guys!

Who’s the target audience?

It is best suited for the self-driven and those who take action. The skills acquired with this course will allow you to create a full-time business and get a little money on the side by creating custom WordPress websites.

It is also ideal for those looking to start a business in web development on the side or want to become a full-time, work from home freelancer

It isn’t for you if you don’t prefer humor, hands-on fast-paced learning, or equipping yourself with skills that can help to boost your business

Learning to code custom WordPress sites using frameworks like bootstrap and Flexbox will surely get you some extra freelancing gigs!

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