Full stack web dev, machine learning and AI integrations

Full stack web dev, machine learning and AI integrations

Full stack web dev, machine learning and AI integrations
Full stack web dev, machine learning and AI integrations, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, Pandas, Sklearn, Keras, Git, Linux, AWS - Full stack web dev + data science + AI
Created by John Harper
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What you'll learn
  • Using HTML to create websites
  • CSS and Bootstrap to style your websites
  • JavaScript - one of the most in demand coding languages in the market for web development
  • Learn jQuery - a simplified way of applying Javascript
  • Python, an extremely valuable, versatile and powerful coding language
  • Django - the python framework for creating dynamic websites that can even integrate machine learning and AI
  • Creating dynamic websites using the Model-View-Controller software design pattern
  • Data science - the ability to handle, clean, visualise and analyse big data. Some of the biggest salaries and investments go into Data Scientists (NumPy, Pandas, Sklearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn)
  • Full training in entry mathematics and statistics with a heavy emphasis on machine learning
  • Developing machine learning from scratch - training algorithms using big data that can then be used in production for making predictions
  • Deep learning / AI - learn to create your own AI solutions, such as image classifiers, AI capable of creating art, and much more
  • Create a range of cutting edge neural network architectures
  • Learn to how document your code at a UK industry standard
  • Using AWS tools such as EC2 to host your websites
  • Integrate web server tools such as Nginx and Gunicorn
  • Master essential developer tools such as GIT, Jupyter notebook, Google Colab, GPUs, Putty, Browser Developer Tools
  • Gain experience in digital security - the DOs and DONTs of developing and scaling online websites and services
  • Learn to harness the power of Linux
  • Create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Python
  • Gain the ability to access machines (e.g. computers) remotely using SSH
  • Professional training in developing problem solving skills
  • Develop a broad portfolio of projects you can showcase to any employer
  • Gain the ability to adapt to any coding language with the concepts of Python
  • Learn where to find machine learning computing power for free
  • Master intermediate Python concepts such as object oriented programming and functional programming
  • Learn to create, maintain and post a range of databases within your websites

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