Create a Successful Multivendor Website Like Amazon

Create a Successful Multivendor Website Like Amazon

Create a Successful Multivendor Website Like Amazon
Create a Successful Multivendor Website Like Amazon, Now you too, can create and launch your own marketplace for anyone to buy or sell their products with Joomla. No coding!
Created by Mathew Tamin


What you'll learn
  • Create a website like Amazon that allows buying and selling of physical or downloadable products
  • Integrate Facebook & Twitter into their website for marketing
  • Create a revenue sharing module for all vendors
  • Add unlimited number of products to your site
  • Vendors be able to will create & manage their account, view customers, and create coupons.
  • Site owner will set the limit on the number of stores each vendor is allowed to open
  • Create additional pages where vendors can get their questions answered

Amazon is one of the most successful websites in the world; it's also the #6 website most popular website in the world. Amazon generated $29 billion dollars in 2014 with a net profit of $240 million dollars! That's a ton of money. There are several reasons why Amazon is so successful but one of the reason why they're so successful is because they allow anyone to sell or buy products on their website.

This course teaches you step by step instructions on how you too, can build your empire just like Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder). You don't have to be a coder and won't be writing any codes in this course. You'll see how simple and easy it is for anyone to launch their own successful multi vendor store that allows anyone to sell their product(s) directly on your website.

Here are some of the amazing features your store will have:

Multi Store Support

A seller/vendor can create more than 1 stores on the site. Admin can control the number of stores a seller/vendor can create by setting a limit on them. For example, the same Vendor can have a Flower Store as well as a Clothing store on your site.

Tax Configuration

Taxation being one of the most important factors while purchasing a product, special attention has been given to this feature to make it up to the mark. Zones can be created to group the countries and regions with similar taxation rules. Taxation profiles can be created to club multiple taxes charged on a product. Making this a perfect taxation feature.

Shipping Configuration

When it comes to online shopping shipping plays a key role in it. Shipping for both single and multi-vendor modes. Setting up zones is mandatory. Shipping methods can be selected based on the shipping provider. Creating shipping profiles to combine multiple shipping methods making it easier for the store owner keep a track.

Optional Shipping

Don’t need Shipping for your products? Just disable it in the backend! As simple as that!

Support For Multiple Payment Gateways

Alpha User Points
JomSocial Points
EasySocial Points
Pay By Check
Pay By Purchase Order
Paypal - Adaptive Payment
Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)
Automate Payouts in your Marketplace with Paypal Adaptive Payments Support

Quick2Cart features Paypal Adaptive payments integration which takes the pain of having to do manual payouts out of the equation. With Adaptive payments, the fees and the vendor payment is instantly split when the buyer makes the payment.

Multiple Product Attributes

Define any number of product attributes with positive/negative price impact. Get greater flexibility in defining products. Eg : Size, Color, Storage Capacity etc.

Stock Management

- Ability to specify in stock quantities for products and automatically subtract quantities on successful sales.
- Out of stock shipping support optionally lets you buy a product in an out of stock situation.

Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity

The user can control the quantities per product by optionally setting minimum and maximum order quantities per product.

If you've always wanted to build your own multi vendor store, this course teaches you step by step how to do that.

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