Learn PHP (2019) and develop Projects.

Learn PHP (2019) and develop Projects.

Learn PHP (2019) and develop Projects.
Learn PHP (2019) and develop Projects., Aim to make you professional PHP developer.You will learn basic PHP, PHP&HTML together,Bootstrap,SQL and make 2 projects
Created by Ranjeet Karki


What you'll learn

  • Basic PHP such as Data types, variables, GET&POST method, if else,switch ,session,PHP date/time almost all basic PHP7 concepts
  • How to install xampp and how to connect to database
  • Project 1 will teach how to use PHP with HTML and how to validate form with both HTML and PHP
  • Project 2 is intermediate level project: We will use PHP and Jquery popular library such Faker library, PHP mailer and Jquery Datatable for rapid development
  • Learn Mysql query section will teach students the most commonly used query such as inserting data to database, updating table, Where clauses ,Delete statement and so on.
  • By making a complete client contact application with lots of feature students will boost their PHP and Mysql knowledge
  • Admin Login system and use of session to restrict unauthenticated users to our application

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