Build E-Commerce Website in Laravel

Build E-Commerce Website in Laravel

Build E-Commerce Website in Laravel
Build E-Commerce Website in Laravel, Online Shopping Store in Laravel
Created by Mustafa Alawi


What you'll learn
  • How To Install Laravel
  • How To Create A Complete Project/Website In Laravel
  • How To Create E-Commerce Website In Laravel
  • Learn Everything About Routes
  • Learn How To Use PHP Artisan Commands
  • Learn How To Create Models & Controllers
  • Learn How To Create Views Using Blade
  • Connect Website To Database & Create Tables
  • Get Products From Database & Display Them For Customers
  • Add Bootstrap To Your Project
  • Learn About Blade & How To Use Its Most Important Features
  • Create Cart & Display Prices & Quantities
  • Redirect Users To Specific Pages
  • Delete Items From Cart
  • Make User Authentication Using Laravel Auth
  • Share Data With All Views
  • Create Admin Dashboard To Control All Products
  • Update Product Fields
  • Upload & Update Product Image
  • Create New Products Using Admin Dashboard
  • Delete Product From Database Using Admin Dashboard
  • Restrict Access To Admins Only
  • Add Pagination To Your Website
  • Categorize Your Products & Use Query Builder
  • Categorize your products according to gender
  • Add Search Feature So That Customers Search For Specific Product
  • Increase & decrease number of
  • Create a Robust Checkout System
  • Add Payment Gateway Page
  • Integrating Paypal with your e-commerce store
  • Multi Admin levels
  • Send Emails From Your E-commerce website
  • Ajax GET/POST requests to add items to Cart

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