What’s New in Bootstrap 4

What’s New in Bootstrap 4

What’s New in Bootstrap 4
What’s New in Bootstrap 4, Learn what changes and new features are coming in the Bootstrap 4 responsive framework and be able to use them yourself!
Created by Matt Greene
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What you'll learn

  • Learn and understand what the changes and latest new features for the new Bootstrap 4 ALPHA release are.
  • Use your new skills to begin testing the framework yourself and possibly aid in its future development!
  • Know where to go for additional resources on web development topics introduced through the course.
  • Have demo files to experiment with and a boiler plate template to explore the framework through.
  • Requirements
  • You should already be familiar with basic web development or the concepts behind using the Bootstrap framework.
  • You should have a text editor or other program installed if you wish to play with the demo files. However, we will cover a free suggestion in lecture 2 if you don't.
  • We will be looking at files on a GitHub repo, so having some idea what Github is may be useful, but not required for viewing.

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