Sass - Dont Repeat Your CSS

Sass - Dont Repeat Your CSS

Sass - Dont Repeat Your CSS
Sass - Dont Repeat Your CSS, You'll write a more natural syntax, easy to read, and you'll prevents the need to rewrite selector multiple times, NEW, Created by Arbaoui Mehdi


Course Goal

The goal of this course is not just teaching you how to write Sass code, but the goal is as the title of this course present is Don’t Repeat Your CSS, the concept of this course is teaching you the fundamentals of this wonderful Sass language which will take your productivity to the next level.

Sass or CSS?

We’ll start first by understanding why we should really move from CSS to a preprocessor like Sass, and we’ll go through the main goal of preprocessing CSS.

Set up the environment

We’ll set up an environment that allows us to use Sass in our machine.

Sass fundamentals

Then we’ll go to each Sass fundamentals including nesting selectors, variables, comments, import and partials, mixins and inheritance, these features are considered as the backbone of the Sass language.

Control Flow directives

We’ll also learn how to include conditions and loops into our Code which will add more power to the mixin Sass features, where we’ll generate specific code depending on a specific situation.

Custom Functions

And at the end we’ll use some built-in Sass functions which they are used by most of the popular frameworks like Bootstrap, we’ll use some of them, then we’ll finish creating our custom Sass function.

We start from the basics and we end up creating a custom Sass function, this how this course will help beginners and even advanced front-end developers to understand how every feature of Sass really works.


So I look forward to spending this time with you during the course to learn every aspect of Sass, and by finishing this course you’ll create a more organized and maintainable Sass code.

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