Booking System in Laravel 5 With Hybrid Mobile Version

Booking System in Laravel 5 With Hybrid Mobile Version

Booking System in Laravel 5 With Hybrid Mobile Version
Booking System in Laravel 5 With Hybrid Mobile Version, Advanced Web Development with Laravel (nice PHP framework) by creating Web App - Reservation System with Mobile Version
  • Created by Robert Apollo
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What you'll learn

  • You will get familiar with the very popular PHP framework - Laravel 5
  • You will build from scratch an advanced web application in the Laravel framework - booking system
  • You will build a hybrid mobile version of the Internet application for mobile phones
  • You will get a very good and complex practical exercise by building two versions of the application: Internet and hybrid mobile
  • You will be navigated through the process of creating an advanced application by touching many aspects of the full-stack web developer work: not only PHP and Laravel but also frontend technologies
  • You will learn the methodology of working on the creation of the application: from the html template to the finished project
  • You will achieve the advanced level of web application development in the Laravel framework
  • You can put a project from the course to your portfolio and show it in your CV
  • You will learn about important Laravel topics such as service container and service providers
  • You will learn the object-oriented Java Script, thanks to which the jQuery code will be better organized and more readable
  • You will learn about popular design patterns, which make it easier later to maintain and modify code
  • You will build a hybrid API that supports both the web application (14 tables in the database) and a hybrid mobile application
  • You will use all database relationships available in Laravel - including polymorphic ones, thanks to which the application is easier to modify and maintain later
  • You will learn how to debug the application better
  • You will be inspired to build your own solutions and not just copy someon's else ones ( hybrid api and the way of notification in real time I came up with myself)
  • And much more

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